Audio Records is based at Urban Sound Studios, one of Norway’s top music recording and production studios. Located in Grünerløkka, Oslo, the studio is close to the city centrum, hip bars, cafés and restaurants, accommodation and transportation.


Studio a

Studio A centers around the infamous 48 channel Neve VR Legend console in a 40m2 control room, which also contains a selection of classic outboard gear combined with the power of the digital domain.

The 80m2 recording room offers a great space for bigger bands to record and is perfectly suited for big airy drums, rock bands and acoustic music. In addition, the studio has a separate transparent 12m2 drum/vocal room and a 3m2 booth - perfect for live recording sessions.

studio c

Studio C is a smaller, more intimate space - perfect for music, voiceovers and podcasts. The 18m2 control is well-equipped with a mix of analoge gear, software and plugins, which makes it an adaptable, efficient and creative workspace. The 30m2 recording room provides a warm and positive atmosphere and includes the necessary instruments needed for every recording session.

Photo by  Abigail Keenan  on  Unsplash


  • DAW: Pro Tools, Propellerhead Reason

  • Machines & Converters: Mac Pro, AVID HD Native, Lynx Aurora, Benchmark DAC, Fostex 8 and 16 track analoge tape machines

  • Monitors: Focal Trio 6, Dynaudio BM5 MKII, Dynaudio BM9 II Sub, Yamaha NS10, Sennheiser 650

  • Microphones: Bruel&Kjær 4040, AKG, Audio Technica, Neumann, Shure, Microtech Gefell, ElectroVoice, Shoeps, Oktava, Milab

  • Outboard: Distressor, Shadow Hills, Universal Audio, Manley, TL Audio, Roland, Focusrite, Tube Tech, Urei, SPL

instruments & Amps

  • Drums & Percussion: Pearl Master Mahogny 5-piece drumkit, Pearl, Ludwig, Premier snare drums, shakers, tambourines, eggs, african drums, glockenspiel

  • Bass: Fender Precision, Ibanez Roadstar, Danelectro, Fender Bassmann

  • Guitar: Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster Baja, Danelectro Baritone, Fender Stratocaster ’74, Blackstar, Vox AC30, Fender Concert Reverb, Orange AD140, Marshall JVM 205H

  • Roland JUNO, Yamaha CS5, Rhodes MK3, upright piano