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About Audio Records

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality in production of music and promotional content for bands and artists to ensure their visibility in the music industry.

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Our Services

We offer high-quality recordings, photography, and graphic design. Everything you need to sound and look good.

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Our Studio

We can provide a large assortment of high-end studio equipment ranging from vintage microphones and outboard to instruments.

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I had the pleasure of working with Tim on a charity project a couple of years back. Tim lifted the quality of every detail in the project. From microphones adjustment to the mixing part. From strings to piano and drums. He’s very professional but still humble and down to earth. Hope to work with Tim again. All my best recommendations.
— Sigurd Haug
I have collaborated with Tim internationally since April 2015. He has a great ear for good music, strives for innovation, expresses himself honestly, and is very professional. The creativity and energy he invests in projects inspire me to work harder. I trust his feedback and am always excited to hear his thoughts on how to strengthen my material.
— Andy Spectacles
Tim is as creative and open-minded as he is technically skilled. He is one of the most sympathetic and accommodating people I have had the pleasure of working with. His great communication skills make him a great interpreter and enables him to relize the musical potential of an un-schooled songwriter like myself.
— Kris Effort