Photo by Austin Neill

Photo by Austin Neill

Whether you are a band with finished songs ready to record an EP or album, or an artist who have song ideas that needs to be realised - Audio Records can assist you. Audio Records has experience with multiple genres of music, ranging from classical to heavy metal. 

After listening to your demoes, Audio Records will facilitate the recording sessions and use their network of highly skilled musicians and mixing- and mastering engineers to ensure the production will meet your visions.  


Do you need some extra vocals on your hip-hop track or a few more solos on your rock song? No problem. Bring a stereo print or stems of your track, and Audio Records will help you finalize your project. 


If you are starting a new podcast and need expertise on your recordings - Audio Records will ensure high quality recordings and an environment where you can relax and enjoy great conversations and talks. 

Photo by Conor Luddy

Photo by Conor Luddy


Do you need some photos from the recording session? Or maybe you need new press photos? Audio Records can assist with professional photos to ensure you will be more visible.

graphic design

Are you releasing new music soon? Or renewing your visual identity? Audio Records can assist with creation of branding elements, artwork and booklets which will make you stand out.